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csi_icontests's Journal

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Welcome! This is a CSI Icontest community. Each week caps will be posted and you'll have until the ends of the week to make icons with them.
This challenge will feauture the 3 CSI shows: CSI, CSI:MIAMI, CSI:NY.

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1- In order to enter the challenge reply to the post with your icon entry with both the image and URL.
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2- Icons must meet Livejournal standards, that is: no larger than 100x100, less than 40k, either .gif, .jpg, or .png
3- Blends and animated icons are not allowed, unless otherwise stated.
4- Effects like text, brushes and textures are allowed.
5- You can post up to 3 icons per challenge but please check the challenge post in case there is any changes.
6- Don't post your icon anywhere else before the contest is finished.
7- Please vote.
8- Don't ask anyone to vote for you and don't vote for yourself. That's not fair.

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If you have an icon community and want to be affiliates, leave a comment on the most recent post in this community and I'll add you back!

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